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This herb blend is for alcoholics and is geared specifically for the liver and to help cleanse the toxins that are in the rest of the body.

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Specific addictions can leave particular kinds of damage in their wake, and you can give your body an added edge in healing the affected areas by supplementing with herbs and foods that have an affinity for those areas. The liver is a focus of concern for recovering alcoholics. These herbs will help repair and protect the liver.

This tea is for those who are still drinking and for those who have managed to get off alcohol and are on the road to recovery. The herbs in this blend are geared specifically for the liver and to help cleanse the toxins that are in the rest of the body.

Drink 4 cups of this tea every day. These are large tea bags and you make the tea ahead and store in the refrigerator. The tea bags can be used again about 2 or 3 times.

You can drink this tea either hot or cold. This tea taste GOOD and is not bitter tasting at all!

7 large tea bags = 2 to 3 week supply 14 large tea bags for 4 to 6 weeks supply This is well worth the money!

All teabags are wrapped in paper, not in zip lock plastic bags. My tea bags are of non woven fabric, eco friendly and safe to use. Brewing resistant, boiling will not break the tea bag.

Herbs used in this blend are milk thistle, hyssop, dandelion, oat straw, ginger, mint

VERY thorough, easy to understand, instructions included as well as a list of vitamins and certain foods that will help your recovery.

I made this tea specially for a person who was an alcoholic, and she did manage to get off the alcohol by drinking this tea and taking the vitamins that I outlined for her. Within a few days, She started looking better, walking better, the all over body cramps left and she started feeling a lot better. I could see the difference as well and it was exciting!

It takes a a while for herbs to heal the body, but, you CAN start feeling better almost right away!

I have many years of herbal knowledge and use only the safest herbs. All of my herbal items that I offer are hand blended and made up at the time of the order.

    Same or next day shipping.

    I have been selling my herbs and teas to the public since the 1970’s and have never used chemicals of any sort on any of my herbs. My herbs are grown as nature intended. I harvest and dry all my herbs. I do NOT use the heat method to dry my herbs.

    Please note: regarding my teas and herbs that I sell; although I personally have benefited from the use of herbs and, people years ago relied on herbs to help heal them or make them feel better, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

Good, clean herbs at a good price