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Apple mint ( Mentha suaveolens) a/k/a woolly mint; round leaf mint. Kingdom: Plantae. Familly : Lamiaceae; Genus Mentha; Species M. suaveolens

antiseptic, febrifuge, antifermentatives, digestive, analgesic, carminative.

Apple mint tea is an excellent choice when a headache strikes or when stomach discomfort begins to spoil your day.

Apple mint can be used in potpourri, dream pillows, aromatherapy to invoke a sense of warmth. Dried APPLE MINT is used as a tea to relieve stomach ache and indigestion. Mixed with chamomile, it makes a refreshing drink for the mind. The dried leaves also make a delicious apple mint jelly!

Apple mint works well with lavender, scented geranium, and lemon balm

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