Echinacea Root Powder

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This is in powdered form only! Grown in natural, undisturbed environment!

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Echinacea Root Powder Botanical Name Echinacea purpurea, syn. Brauneria purpurea

Since the 1800's until around 1930, here in America, Echinacea has been an important herb, used as a drug or healing agent . Right to the present, Echinacea root is used as a healing agent, and blood purifier to cure a wide variety of aliments, and most important , Echinacea has immune -enhancing effects. The complex sugar molecules known as polysaccharides stimulate the cells of the immune system.

With this herb, a person can take it for 10 to 14 days at a time, then allow a break of 2 to 4 weeks in order to use this herb properly.

IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING YOU SHOULD NOT BE USING THIS HERB: lupus, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, HIV, AIDS, pregnant, breast feeding. If you are taking drugs, there may, as with any drug-herb combination, be interactions, so, I do not advise taking drugs of any sort with this herb.

Echinacea is a good herb to use, but, it must be used the way it is intended.

This herb is once again, in the powdered root form.

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    I have been selling my herbs and teas to the public since the 1970’s and have never used chemicals of any sort on any of my herbs. My herbs are grown as nature intended. I harvest and dry all my herbs. I do NOT use the heat method to dry my herbs.

    Please note: regarding my teas and herbs that I sell; although I personally have benefited from the use of herbs and, people years ago relied on herbs to help heal them or make them feel better, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

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