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Homegrown using sustainable farming and harvested! Taste like pineapple!!

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PINEAPPLE SAGE (Salvia elegans) of the mint familyLabiatae This flavor is very different from that of garden sage; PINEAPPLE SAGE has sweet fragrance resembles that of the pineapple fruit

Mix with lemon zest, garlic and butter, chopped pineapple sage makes a good flavoring to rub on and stuff under the skin of a roasting chicken. Because it's milder and sweeter than common sage, pineapple sage often is used in greater quantities in recipes such as pestos -- with parmesan, macademia nuts and lemon zest -- for mild fish such as cod.

Health benefits of this herb include calming the nervous system, serving as a general tonic, improving the digestive health and treating heartburn. Pineapple sage is extensively used in Mexican traditional medicine, especially for the treatment of anxiety, and also for lowering of blood pressure.

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    I have been selling my herbs and teas to the public since the 1970’s and have never used chemicals of any sort on any of my herbs. My herbs are grown as nature intended. I harvest and dry all my herbs. I do NOT use the heat method to dry my herbs.

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