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Now available as Red Raspberry Plus with rosehips and lemon or just Red Raspberry Heb Tea.

raspberry plus 15tb $33.75  Qty: Price:
Red raspberry 15 tb $33.75  Qty: Price:

Red Raspberry leaf tea is probably THE best herb to use before pregnancy, during the entire pregnancy, during the labor, and after the baby is delivered.

Throughout history, red raspberry leaves have been used to encourage a safe, easy and speedy childbirth, as well as afterwards to stimulate milk production and to speed recovery from the birth.

Red Raspberry tea is highly recommended for combating morning sickness, to help prevent miscarriage and as a uterine tonic. Raspberry tea has a long tradition of use in pregnancy to strengthen and tone the tissue of the womb, helps the whole uterine muscle get coordinated so it can contract effectively during labor. Studies show that raspberry leaf nudges uterine contractions into a more regular rhythm and raspberry tea can increase the flow of milk after childbirth. This action will occur if the herb is drunk regularly throughout pregnancy and as a drink during labor. Raspberry tea is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains substances that help prepare the uterus for labor and birth.

Red raspberry leaf is known to help prevent miscarriage. So, If you have been having miscarriages, this tea may very well help you to carry full term.

Red raspberry leaf also helps with problems associated with pregnancy such as: anemia, constipation, nausea, bladder and kidney, edema, high blood pressure, tension and anxiety, retained placenta, inflamed breast/mastitis

This is RED RASPBERRY, not black berry. sold in teabags

offered as: just Red Raspberry tea or Red Raspberry plus which has rose hips and lemon added.

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