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WHITE WILLOW BARK has a substance similar to aspirin but with far fewer side effects

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WHITE WILLOW BARK Salix alba, comes from the willow tree (Salix species).

WHITE WILLOW BARK was used by Native Americans as an analgesic, anti- inflammatory ,antirheumatic and febrifuge. WHITE WILLOW BARK has a compound from which a revolutionary molecule is synthesized and gives healing properties. It doesn’t harm the stomach, but it is contraindicated in individuals who suffer from poor blood clotting issues, bleeding ulcers, or aspirin allergies. As soon as you try it out, you will notice its analgesic virtues.

WHITE WILLOW BARK has a substance similar to aspirin but with far fewer side effects. It is a very effective natural remedy for treating flu, cold and other diseases. Its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties are great. Native American herbal remedies used it to treat joint pains, such as those produced by arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

Another benefit of this plant is its quick action, serving to effectively treat acute conditions, such as bruises and many infections. Although it has antibiotic properties, it also helps to combat fever and minimize a wide variety of annoying symptoms. You might want to learn about its antiplatelet which is caused when using blood thinners. White willow bark is a good alternative for those who have actually suffered strokes and heart attacks and are not using synthetic anticoagulant.


Used responsibly, WHITE WILLOW BARK can be of assistance is many of the above incidences.

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